​​​Lazzaro has been renewing lives and helping families affected by addictions

Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling
Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

Our rehab center is a world-renowned residential rehab  that treats alcohol and drug addiction. Our expert medical team of doctors,
nurses and therapists is led by a professional and respectable team of Consultant and a Medical Director.

A Leading Canadian Rehab Clinic

By  Lazzaro Pisu

Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

Addiction Treatment Centre

Lazzaro Pisu represents Life Changes Canada on the west cost, he acts in the best interest of his clients and informs the public of the need to help in the recovery of addiction. Lazzaro provides assistance in particular sensitive cases by personally accompanying the person to the Life Changes center located in Toronto (Ontario- Canada) and if necessary he follow the recovery until he or she is in a comfortable state of mind in the center.

​You need help for your rehab? Don't hesitate to contact me at this phone number:  604 202 7938


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Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

   Why Choose Life Changes ?

In the med detox we have 10 beds for men and 7 for women. In the alcohol & drug program  side we have 20 male bed and 12 female beds.



A Leading Canadian Rehab Clinic

Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

604 202 7938

We treat alcoholism and drug addiction as an illness and promote abstinence as essential for long-lasting recovery. Our aim is to help patients recover through an intensive, personalised programme that combines medical treatment, 12 Step and other  complementary therapies.

If you are seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one,you can feel confident that our drug and alcohol recovery programmes ​offer the highest level of treatment.

Individual attention in small groups is what you’ll get when you come to our center for our residential treatment program and there’s even the option of additional support for 10 months afterward, or for as long as needed. Experienced certified staff monitor addiction recovery for each of our patients who receive treatments including coaching and mental heath sessions, biochemical and nutrition education, natural and organic meals to name just a few.

Phone: 604 202 7938

We take the challenge of eliminating the physical dependance of drugs to your body.What does that mean?
It means getting whatever substances that are in your body out of it, helping to remove the physical dependence you are experiencing right now. This can take as little as a couple of days to up to 10 days, it depends on how long you have been on the drugs or alcohol, and how your body has reacted to it. You will have access to top of the line services from: •Medical Doctor- •Psychologist •Psychiatrist -• Licensed Massage Therapist.
Our aim is to provide everything you need in order to recover, and to leave no stone un-turned in order to help you to do so. Life changes aims to change your life for the better and end the addiction in a safe and controlled manner.

Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

Our treatment programs are customized to individual needs. We have one of the highest success rates in the country and our procedure starts with an intervention session to help him or her understand the complexity of their problem. While you’re on the path to total addiction rehabilitation, you’ll get the full benefit of holistic and other wellness activities that include nutritional meals and psychological and even massage therapies.

Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

It’s challenging to help a loved one struggling with any type of addiction. An intervention is a direct,heart-to-heart conversation that can start the road to recovery. The person with the problem often struggles to see it and acknowledge it.
​A focused approach joining forces with loved ones and others close to the addicted can help bring to light the addiction and begin the journey to a full recovery.


Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling
Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

Don't hesitate to contact Lazzaro at this phone number:  604 202 7938

1. Our treatment works.
2. We offer more.
3. We cost less.
4. Privacy in 150 acres of beautiful countryside.
5. Years of expertise
6. Recognised by other experts.
7. Over 100% patient satisfaction rate.
8. Full time consultant team of specialist doctors.
9. We innovate – we follow new evidence based treatment and seek out improvements.
10. Quick assessment and admission.
​11. Recognised by major health insurers.
12. Each patient matters to us.

Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling