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Approach to Sex Hypnotherapy 

Sex, gender and sexuality problems come in many forms and can include anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm), vaginismus (difficulty for females to have intercourse), premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation (unable to ejaculate), impotence, paraphilia (sexual attraction to unusual objects) and sex, gender and/or sexuality dysphoria (a person’s discomfort with their sex, gender or sexuality).

I use hypnotherapy and counselling to help you.

People get into trouble with sex for many reasons that can in many cases be resolved fairly easily with the right kind of help in a sex therapy session.

Some people develop certain established psychological pathways inside their mind that stop them engaging and enjoying sex. You do not mean for this to happen, sometimes people put poor ideas to you and accidently you have consumed them and they now live in your unconscious.
You may even have had an experience that somehow frightened you around the idea of engaging in sex. 

Hypnotherapy can help you resolve those issues and reconnect you, or connect you for the first time to rewarding and enjoyable sexual experiences.

I often work with couples who may be encountering sexual difficulties including the results of adultery, PMS and menopause.

I also help couples rematch their sex lives when they are out of synchronisation and causing problems in the bedroom.

Sometimes with family pressures or due to ageing, you may find your sex life falling by the wayside and need help to get the wagon back on the road.

As well as treating these conditions in my International Healing Clinic, I also help people to achieve a higher sense of pleasure in the fields of sex, gender and sexuality, focusing on excellence as well as resolution to dysfunction.

Sex is one of the most enjoyable elements of the human experience and when people get into trouble, professional help and experience in sex therapy can help short-cut you to solution.

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Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling
Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

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Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

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Vancouver hypnotherapy and counselling

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