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What causes insomnia?

In a perfect world, when the time comes for us to go to sleep, we need to be in a wonderfully relaxed state. If there is something troubling a person, maybe financial, emotional, personal, employment or relationship issues, either consciously or subconsciously, or perhaps they are suffering from depression, this will interfere with the natural process of sleep. It is quite common for people who are depressed to ‘over-dream’. This leaves them in an exhausted state the next day.

The body has a built-in mechanism that tries to protect them by waking them up early in the morning in an attempt to stop too much dreaming taking place – this is what is known as early-morning-waking syndrome. If this pattern of disturbed sleep continues over an extended period of time, a person will begin to get anxious before they even get into bed, subconsciously asking themselves ‘will I or won’t I have a good night’s sleep tonight?’ This is where ‘habit’ kicks in…even if the original cause of the insomnia is no longer a problem.

How can hypnotherapy help insomnia?

The traditional way of treating insomnia is through the use of prescription drugs such as sleeping tablets. Sufferers also turn to herbal and natural remedies. Whilst these can help in the short term, the prolonged use of these products will gradually weaken their effects and the person will find themselves having to increase dosage to gain benefit.

Hypnotherapy is totally different approach to dealing with the problem of insomnia. It is a very relaxing experience and it allows sleep to come much easier and has no harmful side effects. Hypnotherapy for insomnia also helps a person develop regular and healthy sleeping patterns.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is the suffering of poor sleep combined with irregular sleep patterns. Insomniacs tend to either have difficulty getting to sleep when they first get into bed, encounter disturbed sleep patterns, early waking syndrome or a combination of all these.

By not enjoying a restful, quality night’s sleep a person finds themselves unable to react correctly and appropriately in situations and it also has a considerable negative effect on a person’s mental and physical health. It is very common for an insomniac to feel continually tired, emotionally unstable and anxious


Hypnotherapy for Insomnia