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Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression session is a two hour session where I would facilitate you into a light hypnotic trance and take you back to other lifetimes. Sometimes we go to two lifetimes, sometimes three. Some people see the journey almost like a movie, which they watch or take part in. Other people feel or know they are there. They don’t see, but just know. From each one of these lifetimes we gain wisdom and understanding, and if necessary forgiveness. It is through this awareness that we can let go of patterns which no longer serve us well. The session is recorded and we send you your MP3 of it. The Interlife or Life Between Lives session is usually 2.5 hours, and I strongly recommend that you take the Past Life Regression first, because through that you feel comfortable in hypnosis, comfortable in recovering unusual information and recording it. 

There is no hesitation or questioning along the way, because you know how it feels and that you will be recovering unusual information. In the Interlife journey you are pure spirit, where you may visit your soul circle, meet your guide or guides, learn your soul name and soul purpose, visit the library, laboratory, place of healing and the council of elders, and finally your life choice place.

Not everyone goes to every place, but this is where folks usually go. As you can see this is more complex and more focused on the spirit energy – it literally is the passage time between lifetimes. These sessions are profound and often awe inspiring.

If you have any questions, please contact:  Lazzaro Pisu.   at the Natural Healing clinic calling at this phone number: 604 101 7928

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