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Thank you  for providing a very warm and friendly service and helping me to overcome my anxiety. Your genuine encouragement has given me more confidence and the techniques to self-calm in situations that would have otherwise been very hard! I would highly recommend NHC hypnosis sessions to anyone who needs that extra help with anxiety or any other problem and will pass your details to any friends that could benefit as I have from this treatment.

Kimberly G. 

Lazzaro Pisu

I used to have Health Anxiety, I have suffered from persistent anxiety attacks and unsubstantiated health concerns for over seven years. These concerns have sometimes been so overwhelming that they have completely ruled my life and affected every single decision I make – where I go, who I see, what job I should do, etc etc. As you might be able to imagine, everyday living has sometimes been exhausting, scary and very dissatisfying. Opportunities have been missed, jobs lost and I have watched those around me living ‘normal’ lives whilst I have battled on with the simplest day to day tasks. When I first met Lazzaro, I recognised someone that genuinely cared for the well being of others. Hypno-analysis has been a wonderful experience for me and with Lazzaro guidance and expertise, the process has enabled me to recognise what has been wrong with many of my thought patterns. This has given me the confidence and understanding to really challenge how I have been living over the past seven years and to see a realistic way of transforming my life experience. Many of my long standing friends have commented on the significant change in my outlook, my confidence and my overall sense of wellbeing since I began hypno-analysis. I believe that with Lazzaro help, I have been given the opportunity and the tools I need to really ‘thrive’ and live the life I want. ​

I cannot thank enough.  Jennifer

I Take My Work With You Very Seriously Indeed

Lazzaro Pisu provide at the Natural Healing Clinic individual sessions for a range of issues including: Depression,  Anxiety, Addictions, Stroke Recovery, Blood Pressure, Cancer Care, Weight Loss, Sexual Problem, Self-Confidence,  Motivation, Stop Smoking, Relationship Issues, Counselling, Life Coaching and more....Lazzaro works everyday providing sessions to professionals, housewives, office employees, students, politicians, police officers, actors, dancers, singers, writers and many other variations of employment, including different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations. All of the following testimonials are genuine and are extracts from the many letters, cards and emails received from people who have had successful treatments with Lazzaro Pisu.

Thanks for everything you did for me as I journeyed through the hypnosis weight loss process last year. After a life long struggle with food I had become very down. For all of my adult life I’d been on one diet or another. Some were better than others and I did lose weight but the moment I relaxed, it all piled back on again along with just a few extra pounds for good measure. My weight crept further and further up the scales until I just stopped weighing myself… it was too scary. I desperately wanted to lose weight… but I had no will power to resist food. Then I found Lazzaro Pisu and hypnotherapy weight management and things changed straight away. I started to lose weight from day one and haven’t looked back since. 

​Thank You, Karen

I used to suffer with Depression, I was feeling down but could not really understand what was keeping me that way as I consider myself a positive, bubbly and caring person. I contacted the Natural Healing Clinic  and explained that I had thought and thought about my low mood but could not understand why I wasn’t cheery like when I was at University having fun and being ‘me.’ Lazzaro helped me to understand how I was creating and reinforcing my own low mood which was negatively affecting my self-esteem. I was so amazed to discover that I can directly influence my own self-esteem and brooding and pondering my low mood was only making me feel worse. I can now understand my own thinking (including social anxiety and external locus of control) and feel so much more positive about life and don’t feel that I will ever go back to that sorry state I was creating for myself. 

They do say that life begins at 40!​

Thank You .Cassandra J.

I wanted to write to thank you for all your help to enable me to enjoy flying again. After having just one session with you (which I was really skeptical about) – two weeks before I was due to fly with my wife and parents in-law to Seattle, I was able to get into the airport terminal , sit down and really feel relaxed, get on the plane and complete the flight which lasted 6 hours non stop and this time I didn’t need to take any tranquilizers. 

I ate on the flight as well, before, on previous flights, I was so tense, I could just manage a little water! I was able to relax and enjoy all the things that I had grown to hate about flying and I even managed to sleep through most of the return flight , which has never been heard of over the last 5 years of my flying portfolio. THANK YOU!!!

​Albert R. – Testimonial

I take my work with you very seriously indeed, I provide high quality, dynamic hypnosis that gives extraordinary outcomes for you, I also ensure a safe, highly confidential, comfortable and professional environment.

My job is to change patterns – from unwanted, negative, unhelpful patterns into ones that support and uphold you emotionally and mentally and allow you to get what you want and feel really great about that.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective tool for communicating with your subconscious mind to allow you to get what you want: be it consistent, quality sleep, the relationship of your dreams or that really wonderful sense of natural self-assured confidence that you can achieve when your subconscious mind gives you full permission to just be yourself, wherever you go and whoever you are with. My Hypnotherapy care is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program.